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3 TikTok Effects under 5 Minutes (Adobe Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

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Learn how to create 3 Fast & Easy TikTok effects. In this tutorial recreate popular TikTok VFX in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Popular TikTok Effects

Tiktok has been here for a while, Its initial launch was in September 2016 but a few months ago it really took off. You can find everything there from short skits to people lip syncing their favorite songs. But for US creators it’s also a great place for inspiration. You have a ton of new VFX creators who are building an audience with their short fun VFX clips.

In this video we showcased 3 different effects for you guys to try yourself but we would like to teach you guys 2 more right here!

JoshVFX Transitions

We already featured JoshVFX in this video but we really like this TikTok of him too. Here you can see him jumping over himself constantly, Transitioning from one move to another.

JoshVFX tiktok
Wiping Jump Transition

This jumping effect is actually fairly simple. Just keep your camera(or phone) on a tripod. Now jump multiple times forward or backwards however you like. Drag that footage into Premiere Pro and start masking from one jump to another, use your body as a wipe transition from jump to jump.

TheJulianBass Transition

The second TikTok is from Julian Bass. Here you can see him transition from a casual outfit to a full suit.

Thejulianbass TikTok
Ben10 inspired Transition

Believe it or not but this again is also fairly simple. Yet again put your camera on a tripod and act like you are transforming clothing. After this go change to another pair of clothing and do the same movement again on the same spot. Bring this into After Effects and start animating a mask so that it reveals your second outfit.

For the green beam you can download The Saber Plugin from Videocopilot. Now animate a new mask where the transition beam should be and drag the Saber effect onto it and just change the Core Type to Layer Masks. It’s that simple but if you didnt catch that don’t worry because we did a video Similar to this effect which you can watch right here.

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