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Create a Rain Cloud in Premiere Pro (Boogie ft. Eminem)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro, Boogie, Eminem, Fractal Noise Effect, Rain Clouds, Special Effects, Visual Effects

Create a floating rain cloud in this visual effects tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro. This effect is inspired by Rainy Days by Boogie ft. Eminem.

Today is another Copy Cat Friday where we are doing some crazy stuff in Premiere Pro. As you already know, we are huge fans of doing visual effects in Premiere Pro. Normally a sane person would use After Effects to create effects. Well not us, we love the challenge and figuring out how to create something from scratch with simple tools. And that is what we did in today’s tutorial. We recreated a moving rain cloud from the music video “Rainy Days” by Boogie ft. Eminem. And this all from scratch in Premiere Pro.

In recent days I’m quite fascinated by visual effects. Okay I always was fascinated but now even more. Since we finished our short movie, I have it in my head to create one of my own. I want to start small, so no big sets or to many actors. I even want to keep it really short like maybe 2 minutes. But what I really want to do is, use a lot of visual effects. And with this I mean 3D objects tracked with my actors and maybe even whole sets in 3D. I really want to go all out in the special effects department . Really create a futuristic vibe in a post apocalyptic world, through visual storytelling. I know this will be super hard and time consuming, but I want to learn and challenge myself in being better.

However when I’m going to pursue my short movie dream, I’m not going to do everything in After Effects. That would be really insane and impossible. It’s fun to do the craziest things in Premiere Pro, but sometimes you need to think about the bigger picture. And this means a fast and easy workflow to achieve the wanted results.

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