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The Secrets to Zach King’s Editing Magic – Premiere Pro Tutorial

Published on

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Cutting, Editing Magic, editing tricks, Masking, premiere pro, Zach King

Learn how to create some of the most iconic video editing magic tricks from Zach King in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial. We’re taking a look at his work from Vine and break down how he edited his videos.

Welcome to another Copy Cat Friday and this week we are looking at one of our favorite creators, Zach King. One of the best Viners when the platform still existed and still a huge social media creator. If you don’t know him, immediately check him out. His videos have the best editing magic you’ll find on the internet. This all combined with some funny sketches, makes him one of the creators we keep following and love to recreate.

In the past we made a few other Zach King tutorials about everything from cracking an egg with a chicken inside to picking up a car. The fun thing about the sketches from Zach King is that he can achieve awesome effects with super simple techniques. He does the effects with a simple cut or a mask, nothing to fancy.  But the art is to hide this cut or mask, so the viewer won’t notice it. This you can doe in a few ways, like adding camera movement. Of course you can best do this in post production, otherwise you’ll make it yourself quite hard. Another way to hide a cut, is hiding it inside a movement from your actor. This movement will give motion blur and this will help you with hiding the cut. However your actor still needs to sit on the exact same place as before. Otherwise you will still get a jump cut.

Zach King Chicken out of Egg

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5 thoughts on “The Secrets to Zach King’s Editing Magic – Premiere Pro Tutorial”

  1. I can do these same things on DaVinci Resolve 15 😀
    (yeah I’m professional DaVinci Resolve user)
    But you make amazing contect 🙂


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