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3 Simple Hollywood Effects in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

easy effects, hollywood movies, premiere pro, recreate, Special Effects, Super Hero, Tips and Tricks, Visual Effects

Recreate special effects from Wonder Woman, Superman and Star Wars in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial. Easy and simple visual effects from iconic Hollywood movies.

Hello you guys and welcome to another Creative Tuesday tutorial. This week I’m not going to beat around the bush, we are going to recreate 3 visual effects from famous Hollywood movies. These movies are Star wars, Wonder woman and Super man. You can probably already imagine which effects we are going to recreate. But that’s something you to find out for sure in our super awesome tutorial.

As you know Lorenzo is back as a student worker and he is responsible for our social media presence. Well he had a great idea for our second YouTube channel named Cinecom Raw. He is setting up a filmmaker competition between Jordy and me. It’s a simple as it sounds, you guys choose a theme, subject or object and we have to make a movie around that. Like yesterday we had the first test challenge, where we had to make a horror movie like “The Nun” but then with sausages in the movie. It had some really funny outcomes and was very fun to do! But the whole thing about this competition is that you can vote for the winner. So you can determine who the best filmmaker is for one week. Yeah you heard it, we are going to do this every week. We wanted something less educational and more entertaining. And of course bonding with you guys is also awesome. I’m curious what you will come up with.


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