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New features in Premiere Pro that mean big

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

CC 2015, Features, premiere pro

The update of Premiere Pro Creative Cloud 2015 comes with great new features. Many smaller features seem to be forgotten which we like to show in this video.

Premiere Pro CC 2015 is out and it comes with some great new features. While everyone talks about the new morph cut and color grading tools, some smaller features are being forgotton.

In this video we’ll cover 5 new features that most people don’t tell you. These are small things, but I did found out they could mean a big thing in practice.

We’ll start of with the new workspace switches. Adobe has added a window that allows us to switch between different workspaces very quickly. We start with the assemble workspace to add everything to the timline. Next comes the comon editing workspace and finally we have the color grading workspace.

The next new feature is the possibility to hide clips. We often delete clips that we don’t need. But when you do need them back you have to re-import those clips. With the new hide feature, you can temporary hide your selected clips.

Next we’ll have a look at how we can now very easiliy change the position of the anchor point. Premiere Pro CC 2015 allows us to drag the anchor point to a different location.

After this I will show you how you can bypass the lumetri color effects with a simple shortkey.

And finally I will show you how to fix one of the biggest bugs in the new version. Premiere Pro will freeze when you trim a clip. In your timeline you can disable a certain feature to avoid this problem.

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