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Create 3D Models without 3D in premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro, Miniatures, Practical effects, Special Effects, Star Wars, Visual Effects

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Learn in this Adobe Premiere pro tutorial how to create specials effects from Star Wars without CGI. With Practical effects let your miniature spaceship land everywhere.

In a studio far, far away… A bunch of filmmakers decided to create Copy Cat Friday. A Series where they recreate effect from famous movies or music videos. And today there path lead them to creating Star Wars effects without any CGI or extra Plugins. Will they succeed and withstand to the Dark side? Or will they fail and leave the audience without any tutorial?

Sorry guys, I couldn’t help myself as I’m quite a Star Wars fan. So Imagine how enthusiastic I am right now, you can almost hear me doing a Chewbacca roar. But like my weird intro already said, we are going to show you how you can recreate a cool Star Wars effect without any 3D models or plugins. Just some simple practical effects and miniatures. We got the idea from the real Star Wars movies when watching the behind the scenes. In the older movies, they constantly used miniatures to represent the vehicles and spaceships. Which is of course very logical as CGI wasn’t very good in the seventies. So with some clever motion controlled camera movements and miniatures in front of a blue screen, they achieved super cool effects. Maybe even so good they they can still compete with the current movies. Or is that my inner Star Wars nerd speaking?

Star Wars Effect In Premiere Pro

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