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Double Exposure Effect from Taylor Swift – Style (Premiere Pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Double Exposure, premiere pro, Taylor Swift

Learn how to create the double exposure effect from Taylor Swift’s music video ‘Style’ in Adobe Premiere Pro. Use simple lighting, editing and blending techniques to achieve a multiple exposed clip.

Miauw to all you guys! Yeah you guessed right, it’s Copy Cat Friday again! We are excited to bring you a new cool effect in this weeks tutorial. This time we are tackling our favorite blond girl, Taylor Swift. But instead of doing something from her new clips, like the one with Ed Sheeran, we are going to recreate something from a older music video called ‘Style’.

In this music video they use a double exposure effect to show pictures within Taylor’s body. This is a commonly used effect that can create stunning images and can be perfect for an intro. An example for such an intro is the one from True Detective, a very good but heavy psychological cop series. Here they use the effect to it’s full potential to merge two images and let them become one. With this effect you can introduce your main players, but still maintain some mystery around them. And at the same time you can show your audience where the story will manifest itself.

True Detective - Intro Gif High Heels Women
True Detective - Intro Gif Matthew
True Detective - Intro Gif Women

The double exposure technique found it’s origin in the photography, where it accidentally was discovered. Back in the days they had to open the shutter to let light in onto the light-sensitive plate and so creating an image. But some forgetful soul made the error by exposing his plate multiple times and creating a double exposed image by accident. By the early 20th century some artist started experimenting with this technique. A famous filmmaker Georges Méliès, who was considered the father of special effects, used this in his movies to create ghostly figures.

After the 35mm film format more artists started experimenting with double exposure. But instead of doing it in camera they used this technique in the darkroom. Here they placed two negatives above one another and with an enlarger they could create double exposed images. You can see this as an early do it yourself Photoshop. But these days you can much easier achieve this effect, either with Photo adjusting software like Photoshop or you can do it in-camera. Nowadays there are a lot of DSLR’s that can do this cool effect and it’s very simple to produce. You just search for Multiple Exposure in your Camera Menu and select this option. Once you did this you’ll probably get some instructions you need to follow which will let you create the awesome Double Exposure Effect.


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