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Teleport Effect (Jumper) in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro, edelkrone, Motion Control movements, Special Effects, Teleport effects, Visual Effects

Learn in this video tutorial how to use Motion Controlled Movements while creating a Teleport Effect. Add Special Effect in moving shots with Adobe Premiere Pro.

It’s Friday again and that means CopyCat Friday on the cinecom.net YouTube channel. In the past we made a lot of videos already about moterized sliders. Yet in this episode we are going to take a deeper look into the world of moterized sliders and give you some fun facts a long the way. However in this article I want to talk about the different uses for a motion controller slider. Generaly you can split these up in 6 different categories.

First we have the repeating moves. This means you will repeat the same movement over and over again to add or remove objects from a scene flawlessly.

The second one is for miniature shoots. Since everything is so small now you’ll need really controlled camera movements to make these shots work.

After this we have the third on which is controlled movements. As the name itself says this is used for when the camera needs to do a specific movement for a product shoot or a certain optical illusion.

The fourth one is all about your camera in 3D space. Here you record the movement(XYZ position) of the camera in real time and transfer this to software so you can accuratly add CGI object in your scene.

Iron man added visuals

Our fifth one is exactly like the fourth one but in reverse. Here you create a scene in some 3D software and preprogram the camera to move through this space. Than on set you just import this date into the motion controlled camera. This is also called Pre-Visualising

And last but not least number 6. Cool movements, here people use motion controlled cameras to just create stunning. Especially used in music videos but this is also really upcoming in movies now a days.

Kendrick lamar humble


Combine the SliderONE and the HeadONE for a motorized slider bundle from Edelkrone. This slider is perfect as a motorized travel slider, due to it’s size and sturdiness. Complete your setup with the Tilt kit and FlexTILT Head 2 to gain complete control over your camera movements.

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