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Thanos Super Punch (Infinity War)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Lg Ultra wide monitor, Masking, premiere pro, Special Effects, super punch, Thanos, The Avengers

Learn how to Super Punch like Thanos from the Avengers – Infinity War. A tutorial about simple masking and editing tricks in Adobe Premiere Pro to create professional Visual Effects.

These days you can’t escape the new trend that is called The Avengers – Infinity war, on every social media you find posts and of course spoilers. We didn’t see the movie yet, but we already know so much due to these spoilers. And personally I hate it when people spoil a movie, but this was inevitable because it’s popularity. But I’m still going to watch it soon. However we are now here to spoil you something else about the movie. In this tutorial we will explain how you can super punch like super villain Thanos.

With Thanos being everywhere, even in Fortnite, I decided to school myself in the history of Thanos. I wanted to know what made him so evil and if he really was so powerful. And what I found was really surprising. His willing of destroying everything comes from his love for the living female embodiment of death. He wants to win her love and plans to do this by killing everyone. I must say that’s romantic and pure evil at the same time! Also fun to know are the heroes who could defeat him. Of course you have the Avengers and some other not so known Marvel heroes, but I was surprised that Deadpool also beat him. In a comic that was specially written for their fight, Deadpool came out as the victor. Which I personally find the most cool Marvel Super Hero of them all. But the most hilarious hero who fought and won against Thanos is Squirrel Girl. Yes, you are reading this correctly Squirrel Girl!

By the way I’m sorry if I bored you with these Thanos facts and didn’t really talk about film stuff. But sometimes I can really be a nerd. And also check out next Fridays article. Lorenzo is going to write about his internship here at Cinecom! Definitely something to look forward to!

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