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Time Remapping in Premiere Pro (Speed Change Bruno Mars Dance)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

bruno mars, Time Remapping, Variable Speed

Learn time remapping in Premiere Pro and create dynamic speed changes like the dance moves from Bruno Mars – That’s what I like music video.

Last week we published a tutorial video on how to recreate the scribble animations from the Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like music video. It got great reactions, which we’re very thankful for! Many of you where also asking how they did the speed ramping of Bruno’s dancing.

This is a technique called Time Remapping. Instead of just speeding up your entire clip, we’ll dynamically speed up different parts. This creates a variable speed change, which ads that dynamic feeling to it. Adobe Premiere Pro makes it very easy to do this. There’s a special option that allows us to key-frame the time.

Extreme Time Remapping

In this tutorial video we’ll show you how to make the speed go faster. But time remapping also works when slowing down a clip. The film 300 is a great example of this, were they changed the speed from super fast to extreme slow motion in the action scenes.

300 – Time Remapping

Making such extreme speed changes, it’s important to ‘open’ your key frames and make a transition where one speed fades dynamically to the next speed.

Premium Beat

This video was supported by Premium Beat, a curated royalty free music website that provides exclusive, high-quality tracks and sound effects. Which can used in new and traditional media projects, including videos, films, apps, games, and television programming.
Get the song from the video via this link: PremiumBeat – Dance Up the Ghetto

8 thoughts on “Time Remapping in Premiere Pro (Speed Change Bruno Mars Dance)”

  1. hi cinecom i love your videos .and love your talking style your t shirt cat logo /…i do not perfect english so come to the point
    can you make tutorial on jr alli video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …..

  2. Ok so I’m trying to do something similar to the 300 movie and i have a question. In order to make it that smooth does something has to be done in the filming ar is that all done in post?

    • I would set a high shutterspeed to get the same ‘hard realism’ look as in 300. If you’re shooting at 60fps I would set your shutter at 1/180th and at 100fps I would go for 1/300th.

    • What you could do is overlay the original music video on your clips. Either crop them so you see them next to each other or change the opacity to 50 of the top layer. Then just adjust the speed move by move to sync them.


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