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5 Tips for Better Time Remapping in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

premiere pro, Slow Motion, Time Remapping

Learn how to better time-remap your footage with these 5 simple tricks for Adobe Premiere Pro. In this tutorial we cover tips and tricks to add slow motion or fast motion to your clips.

Time remapping, speed ramping, fast forwarding, slow motion,.. a technique with many names. But yes, it comes down to slowing down or speeding up your shots. In Adobe Premiere Pro there’re two ways to change the speed of your clips.

The first is is by right clicking on a clip in your timeline and choosing ‘speed/duration’. From here you set a percentage and you have a few option like reversing your clips. But all of these actions can also be visually done on your clip. When right clicking on the FX button from your clip, select under ‘time’, ‘time remapping’.

This allows you to add keyframes on the clip using the pen tool. Moving the horizontal line up and down will slow down or speed up your clip. Interesting as well is that by holding down the control key or command key for the Mac users, you can add a reverse to the clip.

Of course when slowing down a clip, you’ll need a high enough frame rate. Some high speed cameras like the Phantom can record up to 11,000 frames per seconds. But that’s an extreme example. These days consumer and prosumer cameras usually go up to 60 frames per second or even 120 frames per second, giving already a very nice slow motion capability.

If you do decide to add slow motion to 30p footage, you can change the frame blending to optical flow. Premiere Pro will then try to make up new frames. However, the results aren’t always that great. With the third party plugin ‘Twixtor’ you can definitely get better results, but there’s nothing better than having lots of frames to work with!

MSI Creator

Big thanks to MSI for their support during this video. Their new P65 creator laptops feature high end hardware specifically designed for creative tasks. We can highly recommend this laptop as we work on them ourselves!

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