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5 TIPS for Better Performance in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Intel, premiere pro, Video Editing Computer

Get better performance inside Adobe Premiere Pro by changing settings and must-know tips. In this video we’ll share 5 software tips to speed up Premiere Pro, which you can instantly use and 1 bonus tips around computer hardware.

I believe we are all familiar with the frustration of a slow computer while working on an intensive project. While we often blame the computer itself, some performance issues could be easily resolved with a few settings in Adobe Premiere Pro or you operating system.

Of course, this only works up to a certain threshold. If you’re experiencing very slow performance, it might be a better idea to invest in a new computer. Last week we made a video on how to build your own video editing computer. In that video we’ve learned that the processor is the most important component of your system.

Like mentioned in the video, you can checkout this Adobe blog post to find out more about getting better performance inside Premiere Pro.

Intel Processors

We’re very thrilled to collaborate with Intel on this video. A couple of months ago they send me a computer with their latest Intel Core i9-7920X CPU. It’s a very strong processor with 12 cores running at a base speed of 2.90 Ghz. Having so many cores is important when you’re using heavy programs like Adobe Premiere Pro.

What I found very interesting after a few Skype calls with Intel, was to hear how close they work together with Adobe. Just like Nvidia, Intel wants to achieve the best performance and stability with the Adobe apps as well. They told me they had a few developers at Intel that work specifically for the purpose of Adobe software. Their marketing team also invited me to communicate any problems I had with the Adobe software. So it definitely felt they where taking this very serious!

The Intel core line looks as follow: i3, i5, i7 and now their latest generation i9. For every budget there’s a great solution!

Intel i9 Computer
Computer with Intel Core i9-7920X CPU
Video Editing in Premiere Pro
Yannick Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

The System

This video was sponsored by Intel and they have provided us a system to test out their latest i9 CPU. You can fine the build below:

  • CPU: Intel Core i9-7920x
  • Memory: Corsair DDR4 3200 Mhz- 32GB
  • GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 1070
  • Motherboard: Asus PRIME x99-A
  • SSD: Intel SSD 750 – 400MB

10 thoughts on “5 TIPS for Better Performance in Premiere Pro”

  1. My system
    i5 2320
    intel motherboard DH67cl
    Ram DDR3 16gb
    Graphic card Radeon RX560 (Gigabyte )
    I run premiere pro task manager very high/ high power use , moderate
    and I edit video/audio premiere pro so this video/audio slow down not properly work
    please help

  2. i have an old 2012 iMac 27inch what components what i need for it to operate smoothly for premiere so it will not have to render effects so long what is the minimum i need ? and to run4k smoothly also

  3. I want to buy a turnkey system that is fully capable of 4K editing. I want to buy a system completely built with a full warranty that it will work with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018. What system do you recommend and how can I buy it?

  4. Hi !
    I juste brought a brand new PC and took your advices to chose my component. So my beast machine was supposed to run exclusively Adobe suite.
    What a surprise ! The first Adobe App that i’ve installed crashed my computer ! (The famous blue screen of the dead) and it happen EVERY SINGLE TIME i open it…
    I’m really confuse, how a high end computer Can crash so often, especially when he’s just coming out the box…
    Can you help me find out what is going on ?

    • Hi Andy,

      There’re many factors that could cause stability issues. Regardless of how ‘high end’ your components are. Did you assembled the PC yourself? What does the blue-screen say? And could you share your components list?

      • Hello ! thanks for the reply !
        The PC was assembled by a friend (it’s his job so i think he know what he’s doing… i guess..i hope !!)
        About my components list :

        CPU : i9-7920 (2,9Ghz)
        Graphic Card : MSI 1080 Gaming X 8G
        Motherboard : MSI SLI PLUS X299
        Cooling : Cooler Master Masterliquid 240
        RAM : HyperX Predator 16Go (4x4Go) DDR4 3200 MHz CL16
        SSD : Samsung SSD 960 EVO M.2
        HDD : Seagate BarraCuda 4To
        Power : Cooler Master V750 80PLUS Gold

        As you can see i’m very close to your suggestion for a high end 4K Workstation. And just to be clear, all my apps are officials and all my drivers are up to date 😉
        There is Something weird… the PC doesn’t crash at all until i launch Premiere (it open sometimes but as soon as I start working seriously it crash…)

        About the blue screen i already had 5 different messages :
        – DPC_watchdog_violation
        – WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (most of the time caused by premiere)

        Some errors came out when i tried using after effect and cineware at the same time. Some others when i tried to install C4D.

        • Hi Andy,

          From looking up the error codes, It could be a driver issue. You could try reinstalling Windows and your drivers, see if that works out.
          You might also need to upgrade or downgrade your BIOS firmware.

          Or in the worst case scenario, some hardware got damaged during shipping or installment.

          I think it’s best to either contact MSI as you got most of their components or go to a local computer store and let them do an Analysis.

          • Thanks a lot !
            It was actually the BIOS firmware that wasn’t up to date…
            Thanks to you my computer working great ! the beast of my dreams !

  5. When it comes down to it, it is cost. As a long time editor like you guys, where do you fall on the AMD side of things, I am liking what they are show and at the price point, plus as an editor that has to stay cutting edge, I use Cinema 4D with a lot of projects, do you guys do a lot with the 3D animation and if so, how does your systems work out?


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