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The Struggle of Premiere Pro: 5 Tips to Overcome it

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Tips and Tricks

I started video editing using Windows Movie Maker back in 2004. But when I made the switch to Adobe Premiere Pro, I was unmotivated. Suddenly there was a technical challenge. I didn’t know how to learn the editing program. At a point I even quit video editing for a while. But looking back on it now, I realize which steps actually brought me through. This is how to overcome the struggle with Adobe Premiere Pro:

1. Teach others and you will Learn

When I started with Premiere Pro, there was barely any content to be found. There where almost no tutorial videos or help guides, so I had to figure it all out by myself.

I decided to make tutorial videos about the new things I learned. This gave me a purpose to figure out new functions in the editing application. Whenever I learned a new effect for example, I could share that with the world. I was excited about that and still am today.

So try to share your new findings with your friends on social media. As stupid as it might sound, receiving likes and comments on your new creation makes you feel good and overcome that struggle to stay motivated to create more.

Sharing Creative Videos Online
Share your creative videos on Social Media

2. Find a creative video Project to deal with the struggle

Going through menus, buttons and settings in Premiere Pro is a great way to explore, but to learn. Ideally you want to find yourself an actual project to work on. This can be anything. Perhaps create a vlog, a video of your pet or a short film with your friends.

Having an editing purpose makes you spend more time in Premiere Pro. You’ll search for specific options which you will remember more easily. If you want to recreate that awesome transition you found in another video, then go for it! Search on Premiere Basics, online communities or simply scout through Premiere Pro until you find how it’s done.

Working on a project gives you a purpose and will help you with the struggle in Premiere Pro.

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3. learn Premiere Pro from Online Tutorials

There’re 2 types of online tutorials. One is where you learn how to (re)create something specific. The other is where you learn a technical aspect of Premiere Pro.

While learning a new program it’s best to start with that first one. YouTube channel Cinecom has a weekly series in which they recreate an effect from a popular music video or film. While it’s not always for beginner editors, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Here at Premiere Basics we focus on the 2 aspects of learning. With our vast library of Premiere Pro tutorials, you can search for a specific issue you have. But also creative tutorials are added where you can learn how to create a logo animation or a fun effect.

Jordy Vandeput from Cinecom teaches how to learn Premiere Pro
Jordy Vandeput from Cinecom Teaching Adobe Premiere Pro

4. Learn Step by Step to overcome the struggle

As easy as it sounds, going step by step is the best way to learn Adobe Premiere Pro and overcome the struggle. Start with the essential panels such as the project window, timeline, effects controls, source/program monitor and the toolbar. These are the default windows which are active when you open Premiere Pro for the first time.

Get familiar with these windows and options first before you take on new challenges. I know it’s often tempting to explore the ‘cooler’ features like color corrections and effects. But it’s often better to get familiar with the basics first as that will make it also easier to understand the more advanced features.

5. Schedule how to learn premiere pro

Planning is your best friend. Just like with any other training, set up a schedule or planning. For instance, learn Premiere Pro every evening for 1 hour. Or plan three days a week where you learn the editing program for two hours.

It doesn’t matter how your planning looks, as long as you have a planning. This will obligate you in some way to spend time to learn Adobe Premiere Pro. And within a month you’ll already be on the right track.

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