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How to speed up your footage in Premiere Pro?

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Tips and Tricks

speed ramping, Time Remapping

Speed Ramping / Time Remapping

We already know how to speed up our footage with the rate stretch tool but there is a better way to do this. Speed Ramping (also called Time Remapping) is a way to slow down or speed up your clip smoothly. But how do we do this? It’s actually very easy.

Let’s start with importing a clip in your timeline, next right click on the little ‘fx’ icon in the upper left part of your clip or just right click on your clip and go to ‘show clip keyframes’, ‘time remapping’ and finally click on ‘speed’.

speed ramp premiere pro
Speed Ramping in Premiere Pro

You will see a horizontal line going through your clip, this is the normal base speed (100%). With the Pen tool you can create keyframes on this line, if you drag the line between those keyframes down that part of the clip will slow down. If you drag it up, it will speed up. When playing this you will notice that it is a harsh transition from base speed to either a slow downed or sped up speed. So you will need to ease these transitions. Click on the keyframe and drag it open, you will see a bezier handle, drag either the upper or lower handle so that you get an S-shape. This will create a smoother transition between the different speeds of your clip.

Another way of time remapping your clip is by clicking on it and going to the effect controls panel. Here you will see the time remapping property, it works the same, you can place keyframes and speed your clip up or slow it down. I personally recommend doing it in the timeline because that’s easier when you’re adjusting the speed to a beat in the underlying music clip.


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