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Why do I use Adobe Premiere Pro?

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Tips and Tricks

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Often times I get the question: “What’s the best video editing software?” and there’s basically not a right or wrong answer to this. There are multiple softwares that are evenly good at video editing. But here are some reasons why I love using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro
Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro

Dynamic linking with Adobe Software

One of the main reasons why I love editing in Premiere is the fact that I can easily link my clips to another Adobe software, like After Effects or Audition. These links make it way more easy because I don’t have to export to a .XML file or another container. And every change that I make in one program will automatically alter to the other. It’s also really simple to import Photoshop or Illustrator files.

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Mobile versions

Video editing is something that I want to do at any time and anywhere and Adobe has provided us all with their mobile versions of Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere. Which makes it super easy to edit on your phone (of course I do prefer to edit on a laptop or desktop). So I don’t have to download some shady third party software, I can just stick to Adobe and their mobile versions. Their cloud also allows me to have access to my projects wherever I am.

Easy Peasy lemon squeezy

And what I love the most about Premiere Pro is the fact that it has an easy learning curve and I can find tutorials and tips/tricks about it all over the internet. Just like our tutorials or on Skillshare.

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