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Trippy Music Video Effects in Premiere Pro (Lil Skies)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

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3 Hip Hop music video effects inspired by Lil Skies – Real Ties  in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to create trippy VHS, vintage and video effects in this Premiere Pro Tutorial.

After presenting two episodes, it’s time that Jordy claims the spotlight again. His super secret project is finished, so we can use all the studio lights again. I know you are all wondering what the project could be. Well I’ll give you a small tip, it maybe has something to do with a course, After Effects and Skillshare. But let’s not ruin the surprise and let Jordy tell you all the good news.

I must say, after presenting the videos of last week, my look towards the videos is somewhat changed. As I first just created cool effects, I now look on how I can create the same effect with as little steps as possible. Of course you need to preserve the quality of the effect. But it also has to be possible to explain in a tutorial video without being 30 minutes. So with that in mind I started to look for a Copy Cat  Idea.

And what I found are some pretty cool and trippy effects from a music video. To be specific, Real Ties from Lil Skies. In his video clip you see a dozen of effects flashing through the screen. But what we notice is that these effects look familiar. That’s because they are quite popular among Hip Hop videos and often used. That’s why we looked for the coolest effects in the video and decided to explain them for you. But that’s not all, there was one effect that was a little bit to much to explain. So we created it for you and rendered it out. Now you can simply download it and use it as an overlay.


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  1. Hi sir, i’m from india…. thank you for this video sir,,.. really i love you all. i’m fallowing regularly your website, youtube channel & skillshare classes …

    stay creative…….


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