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3 Simple & Easy GLITCH TRANSITIONS (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Video Effects

Chromatic aberration, glitch, glitch transition, transition, VR digital glitch

Learn how to create 3 simple yet awesome glitch transitions in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

glitch transitions in adobe premiere pro

I think one of the most popular effects that editors use is a glitch, especially a glitch transition. So we created 3 awesome yet simple glitch transitions that you can make yourself in Adobe Premiere Pro. All you need are two video clips, so that you can transition from one to the other.

Wavy glitch

For the first transition you need to place a cut about 15 frames before the cut between the two clips on each clip. Use the wave warp effect on these clips and set the degrees to 180 to make a horizontal glitch effect. Then animate it and ease the keyframes by pulling the lever of the speedgraph. Then uncheck the uniform scale checkbox from the motion property and animate the width together with the position so that it stretches and moves to the right. On the second clip, do the same effect but let it come in from the left. To top it off, place an adjustment layer above this transition. Place the VR glitch aberration effect on it and animate some of the distortion properties overtime. If your shot has any movement in it, for example when someone is walking around don’t forget to animate the fall-off as well.

Wavy glitch effect

Glitch scan transition

Place an adjustment layer above the clips where you want to transition. Then use the VR glitch effect and animate the distortion properties. Then use the lens distortion effect and animate that as well. The beginning and ending should be 0 and the middle part can be any value you want. Then we’re using the same method as the previous effect. Uncheck the uniform scale checkbox of the motion property and animate the height from 0, to 100 and back to 0. This will create a super cool glitch scan transition.

Trippy glitch transition

The last one isn’t necessarily an effect but more a creative process. Put your two clips above eachother and start cutting randomly. Then apply the crop effect onto the top clip and play around with the values and properties. Change it each time there is a cut. Quick tip, if you want to adjust the position or scale within that crop effect, use the transform effect and place it above the crop effect in the effect controls panel. To top it off, duplicate the top layer & apply the tint effect. Map the black to teal and the white to red/orange. Then set the blending mode to multiply and play around with the scale. This is a fun transition to use whenever you have a cool glitchy sound effect or some trippy music.

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