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How to Animate in Premiere Pro?

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Video Effects

Animations, keyframes, premiere basics

Learn the basics of keyframes and animations in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial for beginners.

Start animating in Premiere Pro

Of course we all know that we can make super awesome animations in Adobe After Effects, but can we do the same in Premiere Pro? Well in most cases the answer is YES! But how we do we start making animations? Well therefor we need keyframes!

What is a keyframe?

A keyframe is a specific point in time on which you can assign a property value to, like for instance scaling, opacity or the positioning of your clip. You can do this for both audio and video clips and of course on lots of effects.

How to apply keyframes in premiere pro

To apply keyframes you need to select the clip and head into the effect controls panel, here you can use the stopwatch icon to apply a first keyframe. Then you can go further in time and add a second keyframe by altering the value of the property or by clicking on the little keyframe icon. You can play around with this to create as many keyframes as you like.

Ease in and ease out curve
Ease in and ease out curve

Ease In VS Ease out

When you apply keyframes and therefor make animations you want them to go smooth, therefor you need to ease the keyframes. Often times people are confused about when to use the ease in and ease out effects on their keyframes.

It’s actually really simple. You always have a first keyframe, from there the animation will start, meaning it will go out of that keyframe. So the first keyframes has to have an ease out. The second keyframe is the one where the animation ends, it comes back in. So therefor that one needs an ease in.

Masking class on skillshare

If you want to learn more about keyframes and masking you should check out our Masking Class on Skillshare. By clicking this link you will get two months of free access to Skillshare. This will give you access to not only our classes but thousands of others as well. It’s the ideal learning platform for creators, so definitely check it out.

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