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Best FREE Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro?! (Tips & Tricks)

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Meet Studio Plugin for Premiere Pro, a Free plugin with over 1500+ transitions and other presets and get 5 tips on how to use transitions.

Is this the best free plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro?

StudioPlugin is a plugin that you has both a free and a premium version. The version doesn’t include all the assets but it still has a lot in it. Once downloaded from their website you can open the application and download the packs you want. Then in Premiere Pro you can open the window menu, then the extensions menu and there you can find the plugin. It will open in a new panel which you can drag wherever you want.

The plugin has an insane amount of presets, going from title animations to transitions and even a small stock library with overlay assets. The title animations are based upon character animations, word animations and line animations. All of the transitions have dedicated sound design added to them which is super useful since you don’t have to look for that anymore.

Tips for using transitions

Here are some tips for when you’re using transitions in Premiere Pro.

First of, make sure to have a look at your shots and decide what kind of transitions are useful on those shots. Don’t place a right pan transition on a shot with a left movement in it. Once you’ve seen the shots, decide what kind of style you want to go for. Transitions are used to enhance the tension or story of your video, not to make it flashy. A wedding video doesn’t need glitch transitions for example.

Once you’ve also decided the style, stick to it. Don’t mix up different kind of transitions in your video, it looks very chaotic. And if you’re using cartoony flash effects don’t just use one but keep on using them throughout the video as a stylistic choice.

And finally, practice by making your own transitions or try and recreate existing once. This helps you understand how they are made and how to use them and that way you get full control.

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