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How To Create A Hologram In Premiere Pro

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Video Effects

Green Screen, Hologram, premiere pro, Star Wars, Venetian blinds, wave warp

Learn how to create a hologram effect in Adobe Premiere Pro without external plugins in this beginner tutorial.

How to create a hologram in premiere pro

You probably know already that I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and sci-fi movies in general. And a lot of those futuristic movies use holograms. So I thought, let’s try and make a hologram in Adobe Premiere Pro without the use of plugins.

Editing the hologram

First we take a shot with a green screen. We do this because otherwise we have to do a lot of masking and that takes a lot of time. Especially because we are going to use a lot of effects. First we are going to key the greenscreen. If you have no clue how to do this, have a look at our clone tutorial. Here we covered the basics of the ultrakey effect.

Next we nest the clip and we want to give the hologram the typical blue or teal tint. We can do this with the lumetri effect but I prefer the RGB color balance effect were we can get rid of all the reds and greens in our clip, leaving only the blues in it. Once we’ve managed to get the right color tint we can go on with our next effect which is the venetian blinds effect. This will create an interlaced look which is kind of typical for holograms. We can adjust and animate the completion and direction overtime to get a desired effect.

Hologram Effect
Hologram Effect created in Premiere Pro

The next step is optional but if you want your hologram to look a bit less crisp and clean you can add the noise effect. Don’t overdo it tho, you don’t want it to look like a cheap VHS effect. Next effect is the wave warp effect, once again we’re going to animate this overtime. Now at this point your playback may go really slow. So I recommend rendering your timeline from time to time to check your effect.

Often times holograms have a kind of flickering effect. I’ve tried multiple ways to recreate this but what I liked the most was using the brightness & contrast effect and animating the brightness overtime. If you’ve used the lumetri color in the beginning to get the blue tint you can use this to get the flickering effect as well. And if you want to give a cheap 3D look you can use the basic 3D effect to rotate it around. Last but not least you can play around with the opacity and blend modes to enhance the hologram even more.

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Did you enjoy this effect? It’s not the same as the Holomatrix effect from RedGiant or the possibilities we have in Adobe After Effects. But I think this looks pretty good coming only from Adobe Premiere Pro effects. However if you do want to learn a bit more about After Effects, have a look at our dedicated class. You will learn all the essential basics of compositing, animating and much more. The first two weeks are completely free. And it will also grant you access to our other classes and thousands of others as well.

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