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Create motion blur with the transform tool in Premiere Pro

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Video Effects

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Learn how to create motion blur with the transform effect in Adobe Premiere Pro in this beginner tutorial.

How to create motion blur in Premiere Pro with the Transform effect?

How do you create motion blur on a clip in Premiere Pro? Only one solution for that, the transform effect. You can find this in the Effect panel. Once you drag it onto your clip you can animate it with the properties in the Effect Controls panel. Let’s say you do a simple animation, making your clip going from left to right on screen. Disable the composition shutter angle checkbox and set the shutter angle to 180°. If you play your video you will automatically see that motion blur is added to the animation.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t affect any movement on the clip itself, it only affects animations that you make on your video clip, a text layer, etc.

Transform Effect Premiere Pro

Using the transform effect you can create a whole lot of cool transitions for your clip, but it’s also a perfect way to let a title or lower third appear on screen and disappear after a while. You can also use this to animate zooms and rotations, make them way more dynamic. Instead of animating the position, animate the scale and/or rotate property.

Motion Blur with transform effect in Premiere Pro

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