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5 MUSIC VIDEO Effects (Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Video Effects

Music Video, Music Video Effects, puppet effect, tv effect, vhs effect

Learn how to create 5 amazing effect to level up your music video in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

5 awesome music video effect in adobe Premiere Pro

1. Puppet Mouth

The first effect is a super fun one, take a shot of your subjects face and drop it in Premiere Pro. Then freeze frame it and make mask around the mouth to the chin. After that, duplicate that layer and invert the mask of the first layer. Then animate the position of the motion property of the mouth cutout to the vocals of the music. And to top it off you can nest these layers together and add some handheld motion presets to this to make it more natural looking.

puppet mouth
Puppet Mouth

2. Old CRT TV clip

First create an adjustment layer and place that above your clip. Using the grid effect you can create that old scan look that you see on older TV’s. Once you’ve got a look that you like, use the lens curvature effect on that adjustment layer.

Then we’re going to place the noise effect on the original clip. Make it around 15%. Then add the brightness & contrast effect and animate the brightness every couple of frames. This will create a typical flicker effect.

Then nest everything together and place it in the screen of an old TV clip. This can be a green screen shot or you can mask it out or use the puppet pin effect.

3. Scratched / Textured paper transitions

When you’ve already got a cool edit but want to spice it up even more you can nest the entire edit and place the posterize time effect on it. This will give a bit of an older look because of the slower frame rate. After that, apply the channel blur efffect and play around with the different blurriness values to get a softer look. Then download a whole bunch of scratches and textured paper overlays and place them above the clips. Change them each time there’s a cut to another clip. Lastly you can place an adjustment layer above it, set the left and right values to around 14% and give it a bit of edge feather. This creates a 4 by 3 look.

4. Glitch Effect

Creating glitch effects is actually really simple. For this effect we use the color emboss effect. Animate the relief property and the direction overtime and then add the invert effect, animate the blending on the same timings but set the channel to In Phase Chrominance.

For more glitches and other presets you can always have a look at our website.

texture effect
Texture effect

5. Mirror Effect

The final effect is the mirror effect, you can play around with this as much as you want to create a whole lot of different and custom mirror effect. Make them even cooler by combining them with other effects like glitches or the paper transitions.

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