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How to Create a Simple Scribble Effect (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Video Effects

Music Video, scribble, Scribble effect, simple effects

Learn how to make a super simple scribble effect for music videos in Adobe Premiere Pro in this beginner tutorial.

Creating a simple scribble in adobe premiere pro

This may be one of the most easiest ways to create a wiggling scribble effect in Adobe Premiere Pro. Simply write a word or sentence three times on a whiteboard or piece of paper. Make sure that the background is white and you use a black pen.

Then take a photo or video of it and bring it into Premiere Pro. With the lumetri color panel use the curves tab to give it a lot of contrast. Then use the invert effect so that the background becomes black and the text becomes white.

making the scribble

Once you’ve inverted the layer, go to the effect controls and set the opacity blend mode to screen. Then make a mask around the first text. Duplicate that layer and mask around the second text, repeat the steps for the third text.

Then using the position property line up the three texts on top of eachother, this will not be perfectly matching and that’s the entire point, so don’t try to fix that.

Scribble Effect

Then go to your timeline and use the arrow keys to cut each clip every 2 frames. So that each text is visible for two frames and then skips to the next text. Repeat this process for as long as you want and there you have your effect. But let’s first take all those cuts and nest them. Then select the nest and set the blend mode back to screen. You can color the scribble to any color you like by applying the tint effect on it. And that’s it, easy as that!

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