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How to Create Sharingan Eye Effect from Naruto (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Video Effects

anchor point, color balance, Eye effect, motion tracking, naruto, sharingan

Learn how to create the Sharingan Eye effect from Naruto with basic animations in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

create the sharingan eye effect from naruto

I haven’t watched all the episodes of Naruto yet but I’m a huge fan of the anime series. And since a lot of the Premiere Basics subscribers have been asking for a tutorial about the Sharingan Eye effect I decided to make it!

Sharingan Eye Effect
Sharingan Eye Effect

Sharingan Effect in Premiere Pro

The Sharingan sign itself can be made in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro itself if you want to put a bit of time and effort in it. Or you can also be lazy and download a png file from the internet.

Once you’ve got that covered you can go ahead and create a red eye inside Adobe Premiere Pro, there are multiple ways to achieve this but I like to use the color balance (RGB) effect. Then you can start making the Sharingan, but since we want a nice animation going around the pupil of the eye I make it myself easy because we will need an animation around the anchor point.

By creating a new square sequence you can easily create a perfect circle with the Sharingan sign(s) on it. Make sure to position the anchor point of every asset in the middle of this square sequence. Once you’re all finished, drag that sequence into your original sequence and track it to the movement of your eye. Ease as that.

Create more naruto effects in adobe after effects

If you want to create a Rasengan, Shadow clone jutsu or other effects I would suggest learning Adobe After Effects, since that is a way more stable software to make vfx in. We have a beginner class about After Effects on Skillshare where we cover all the basics. The first two weeks of the subscription are completely for free so definitely check it out.

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