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8 Simple Transitions featuring Storysium (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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animating, drawing transition, find edges, fish eye transition, glow transition, invert effect, lens distortion, mask transition, procamp, transform effect

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Learn how to create simple transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro in this beginner tutorial in collaboration with Storysium!

8 Simple Transitions featuring Storysium

Today we collaborated with Storysium, who’s an amazing content creator on YouTube and creates super creative tutorials. Together we’re creating 8 simple transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro. But we’re splitting the transitions on both channels, so 4 on Premiere Basics and 4 on Storysium.

Mask transition

Look for visual elements in your shot like rocks, billboards, people or any other object. Duplicate these and mask out the objects. Then animate these mask to appear on screen from any direction you want. If you have multiple objects you can make multiple layers and let each layer appear with a different timing. This creates a very dynamic transition and it’s completely customizable to your shots. Don’t forget to always ease your keyframes when animating and don’t forget to add sound design to spice up the transition.

Masking Transition

Glow Transition

Storysium made an awesome glow transition which is quite similar to the ‘dip to white’ effect inside Premiere Pro but it’s different. Place an adjustment layer above your cut and use the ‘ProcAmp’ effect. Animate the brightness property and there you have your effect.

Fish Eye Transition

Next we have a nice transition that you can use for music videos. Once again, place an adjustment layer above the cut of your videos. Then use the ‘lens distortion’ effect and animate the curvature from 0 to -100 in the middle and back to 0. Then apply the ‘invert’ effect to this adjustment layer and set the blending mode to quadrature chrominance.

Fisheye Transition

Drawing Transition

The fourth transition is a drawing transition which is a really fun one. Once again place an adjustment layer above the cut. Apply the ‘find edges’ effect to this and animate the blend with original property to create your transition.

4 More transitions!

If you want to learn 4 more transitions then check out Storysiums YouTube Channel.

And if you want to have access to more awesome transitions, effects, particles and so much more then have a look at our Video Packs on our website! We also have a whole bunch of classes where you can learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, colorgrading and so much more.

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