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Walk on Walls like Panic! At The Disco – High Hopes (Premiere Pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Editing Magic, High Hopes, Music Video, Panic at the Disco, premiere pro

Bend the rules of physics and learn how to walk on walls like in music video ‘High Hopes’ from Panic! At The Disco. Learn how to pull a green key and create a realistic stunt in Adobe Premiere Pro.

In today’s video we look at how to recreate the walking onto a building effect which is shown in the new music video High Hopes of Panic! At The Disco. Next to this music video they also released a behind the scenes video where you could see how they achieved this effect. They secured a harness around Brandon’s legs and torso with some cables attached to pull him up. This made it possible for Brandon to actually walk on the wall of the building. The only thing they needed to do in post production was remove the wire and that’s it!

panic at the disco walking on the wall

Seeing this made us wanna try to recreate the effect just like they did. We started searching for cheap harnesses to attach the ropes to. Next to this we also needed to find a way to secure the rope high enough and needed a harness with a belay tool. A belay is used by climbers to control the rope, this makes it possible that you wont just fall down if the rope is released, it’s kind of a safety brake.

After researching all the material we needed, we quickly realized it was gonna be expensive and not suitable for everyone to be able recreate this. I was a little bummed since I would have loved to walk up a building 🙂

So like you would see in the tutorial video, we pulled another green key to create the effect. In this previous video we explain how to pull off the perfect green key.


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  1. You guy are tough and wonderful. So I need your help to start in adobe premiere pro. Where can I download the tutorial for the beginning in adobe premiere pro


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