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Walk Through Walls like Shadowcat (X-men) in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro, Special Effects, Super Hero, Visual Effects, X-men

How to step through a wall in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial like Shadowcat (Kitty Pride) from X-Men. An easy and simple effect you create in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Another week, another Copy Cat and this means a cool effect. And this week we are going back in time, to a time where the X-men held there last stand against Magneto. In this epic battle between mutants you can see Shadowcat fighting with Juggernaut. During this fight, Shadowcat show here awesome super power which is walking through walls. The exact name for it is phasing, but walking sounds more obvious. Of course this is also the effect we are making today and this all in Premiere Pro. Yeah I know it’s been a while since we made a Premiere Pro tutorial, but some effects aren’t possible in Premiere Pro. However that doesn’t mean we forgot our trusty old Premiere.

And like you probably saw in the latest videos, we have a new guy called Gilles. And what you probably also noticed is that he is kinda weird. Something you can really see in the videos lately. So being that weird we thought to ourselves, maybe the viewers what to know some other weird stuff about Gilles. That’s why you can ask whatever you want to Gilles in the YouTube Comments. The weirder the better. Let yourself go!

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