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Why I Use This Premiere Pro Effect Everyday

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Crop Effect, list of 5, premiere pro, Rocketstock, Simple and Easy effects, Tips and Tricks

Learn how to create 5 simple & fast effects in Premiere Pro with the Crop Effect. Use these tips & tricks to achieve professional effects like the famous split screen.

Hello you awesome guys, it’s a new week and that means new tutorial videos for you all. For this Creative Tuesday we have something planned that isn’t the most spectacular effect ever. But it’s super handy and can really help you with your edits. In this weeks Creative Tuesday we are using the crop effect in 5 different ways. Like I said not the most spectacular effects, but you’ll be amazed what creative things you can make with the simple Crop effect.

If you are doubting about the creativity of the crop effect. You should see the Hollywood movie from Guy Ritchie, The man from UNCLE. In this movie they used a lot of split screens to show multiple actions during the same time period. But this isn’t the only famous movie that used split screens to their advantage. In a movie of one of my favorite directors, Quentin Tarantino, they also use split screens in such a way they create a perfect tension while informing the audience what is going to happen. The movie i’m talking about is the truly awesome Kill Bill: Vol 1. Which I highly recommend you should watch, like right away. After that watch Kill Bill: Vol 2 and then everything Quentin Tarantino ever made. Like really, start watching!

But the movie which took the split screen to a whole other level is requiem for a dream. This is a masterpiece of editing and a must watch on your movie list! In my opinion they use split screen so good, it’s like they invented it and then perfected it. And the movie is the perfect example that you can achieve a stunning movie with simple effects, like the crop effect.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Use This Premiere Pro Effect Everyday”

  1. Cool! I’ve been using masks to do these types of effects. I guess I didn’t realize there was a crop effect! I used to use Final Cut, which had it built in, so this is going to be great!!


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