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3 Zach King Inspired Editing Magic Tricks in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Back to the future, delorean, Practical effects, Visual Effects, Zach King

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Inspired by Zach King’s Editing Magic, in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial we recreate 3 effects. Crawl through a monitor.

Zach King Inspired

Today’s video is heavily inspired by yours truly Zach King. We love his content and so do you guys because currently we already did 11 videos about him! Which of course you can watch right here.

If you saw today’s effect already you maybe recognized something similar. This effect inspired by one of our last Instagram post.

Cinecom Creative Instagram Post

We loved to create this effect and wanted to keep the same style of having different people in their own room interaction with each other.

Practical effects vs Visual effects

As you guys know we love our practical effects. Sometimes is way easier to create something in real life and just tweak it a bit like for example in our Back to the Future tutorial. Instead of creating the big flame that’s in front of the car in something like After Effects we chose to use real fireworks!

BTS Cinecom Practical Effect
Firework blended on top of car

Just like this our Instagram post was also 100% practical. First we wanted to do this in After Effects by morphing the laptop each time we passed it to each other. But decided in the end to to in practical.

We created 2 levels, Gilles and Yannick were sitting on a chair with a blue backdrop. Jordy and I were standing on an apple box with a green backdrop. In post we only added the grind and masked the parts that crossed this grid to give it a 3D effect. We also changed the backdrop to purple and orange to make it look like 4 different rooms.

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6 thoughts on “3 Zach King Inspired Editing Magic Tricks in Premiere Pro”

  1. Hello jordy, I am sid from India and is looking for suggestion and may be you can possibly create the effect that I want to learn in after effects,, The concept of the story goes like this,,,
    (1) The camera moves in a linear fashion horizontally from left to right With a slider.
    (2)There are three Sets box room with a door attach placed in between the three room.
    (3) The room is kept open at the side facing the camera like ur seamless video that u have done.
    (4) The actors now walk from one room to another through the door from left to right while talking while the camera also slide from left to right following the Actors,,,
    (5) The hard part is that while the actors passs from one room to another, the actors Outfit keep CHANGING as the actors leave the first room and enter the door to next room. WILL YOU RECREATE FOR ME PLZZZ,, Thanks


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