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Eye Zoom Transition from XXXTentacion (Premiere Pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Music Video, Music video clip, premiere pro, Rap Music, transition, XXXtentacion

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Recreate the eye zoom transition effect from the Music video ‘SAD!’ preformed by the late XXXTentacion in Adobe Premiere Pro. Use camera movements and post production techniques to create a stunning zoom transition in this tutorial video.

It’s time again for another Copy Cat Friday. This week we are jumping on a trend that is quite sad. We are doing the eye transition from the new music video ‘Sad’ from the late XXXTentacion. As you probably heard all over the news, he was recently shot on the street and didn’t survive his wounds. But after his dead they brought out the ‘Sad’ music video clip, which is probably trending now due to his demise. But the meaning of his song and how they show it, is quite creepy now that he is passed away. In his video he fights his old self and eventually kills him. This was a statement that he was trying to better himself and get rid of the controversial image he had. So he was back on the good track, which makes his dead even sadder.

Eye Transition Effect XXXTantacion

So you can look at the music clip as his last action in the music world. And you can say taht recreating this eye transition effect is a little bit honoring him. I’m not saying we are fans, but we can’t deny it was a good effect. The effect is mostly created in post production, but the zoom in you see in the first shot is done with a slider. Also very important is the resolution of your camera. Because you are zooming so much, we recommend that you use a high resolution like 4K. They probably used an 8K resolution camera, so their image is super sharp even when it’s completely zoomed in on the eye.

Also did you know Jordy and me do a Cinebattle every week with on our second channel. We do awesome filmmaking challenges and just did one yesterday. Definitely check it out to see who will win this week!


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