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Thanos Disintegration in After Effects (No Plugins)

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After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Disintegration Effect, Green Key, Marvel, Special Effects, Super Hero, Thanos, Visual Effects

Learn how to create the disintegration effect from Marvel’s Infinity War (End Game) by Thanos. No third party plugins are used in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

It’s Friday again and that means it’s time to go home and relax. But before you can we have an amazing Copy Cat Friday episode ready for you guys so buckle up! Since Avengers Infinity War came out we got thousands and thousands of request to do the famous Thanos disintegration effect. We tried and tried but couldn’t find an easy way to create this effect as good as possible so we had to abandon it sadly. Now that Avengers End Game came out, the requests for the the effect are also back. That’s why we decided to give it a second try and this time we finally did it!

Not only did we figure it out but I believe this is even the easiest way to get the effect done while still getting a realistic looking result. And with easiest I mean no extra software or plugins.We solely use After Effects and everything it provides. At first we didn’t wanted to do the effect because there were already so many good ones and it was a really hard effect. This was due to the physics, these have to be realistic and are very hard to recreate. Except if you are using Trapcode particular, a plugin from Redgaint especially for particles. With this you have endless control over every particle so you can really tweak the physics. This plugin is also used in most disintegration tutorial we have seen, just because the plugin delivers the best result. But not to brag our result without the plugin is also very good.

Disintegration Effect Thanos Marvel
Disintegration Effect from Thanos

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5 thoughts on “Thanos Disintegration in After Effects (No Plugins)”

  1. Could you please share the footage used use in this tutorial for practice. It will be great help

    Thanks & Regards

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  3. It was really useful and easily understandable video. If you can please make the Thor Ragnarok glowing eyes effect


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