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5 Tips to Improve the SOUND of your VLOGS

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Sound is very important for a VLOG video. That’s why we’re sharing 5 simple tips to get better sound on the cheap and improve your audio.

The biggest thing I hate when watching a video on Youtube is bad sound. It’s even worse than your video not being perfectly sharp. I know it’s not always so convenient to record good sound as the idea of a vlog is to capture your day. You have to produce, direct, film, light, sound design and edit the vlog.

However, if you notice the popular vlogger outs there, they all pay attention to the details. Making sure their video is in focus and that their speech is loud and clear.

Casey Neistat
Casey Neistat

Just like Casey Neistat, many vloggers have a place where they share some life values. Often it’s your home, your bedroom or a little studio. Here it’s definitely important to get your sound right, there shouldn’t any excuse anymore for the echo or an unclear voice.

In one of our previous tutorials we explained how to acoustically threat a room. We’ve found a very cheap DIY solution to create acoustic panels. That’s one way to reduce the echo and making your voice cleaner.

Another great tip is to bring your microphone as close as possible to your voice. You can either sit closer to your camera or get an external microphone. From all tips, this one is the best. Just pay attention to that alone and you’re sound is already improved drastically.

Most vloggers will recommend the Rode VideoMic as it’s pretty cheap for the quality it can deliver. You can also check out of of the lavaliere systems at our webshop.

Taking it to the next level

Every vlogger has to be unique in their own way. As a filmmaker myself, I find the visuals and the details very important. This is why I experimented with some sound design. In my vlog below you’ll see different sequences of fast cutting, where you have this nice dynamic sound with it. I tried recording those sounds together with the video, but when it goes wrong or you just can’t get the sound right on the spot, there’s always Foley. Foley is the art of recording sound afterwards and using it in the edit. That’s what I’ve done in the car scene, where something went wrong with the audio recording.

For sounds that are little harder to get, you can look on websites such as or


This video was supported by Videoblocks, an easy to use site full of stock footage, vector images, stock photos, music, sound effects and more.

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