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5 Tips to get started with 3D animation

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Professional 3D Artist and Animator Alessio De Vecchi shares 5 tips to get started as a 3D / CGI Artist. Learn how to begin with 3D animations and which resources you could use.

Note: The contest has ended

Its time for another Creative Tuesday and it’s a special one. So special that we have a guest in the video of today. Because today we are talking about tips on how to become a 3D artist. And you are thinking, what, Cinecom doesn’t do 3D. And you are right, we have zero experience with 3D. Hence the special guest of today, Alessio De Vecchi, who is a professional 3D artist.

Okay, it’s still a bit strange that we are tackling this subject, but let me explain. As you know LG is a sponsor of ours and recently they made a super big monitor of 49 inch. And to promote that they made a commercial with some stunning 3D animations made by, you guessed it, Alessio De Vecchi. Now to promote this super cool monitor, we had the idea to do something around 3D animations. But without experience with it, we couldn’t give you any tips. That’s why we asked the professional some questions and if he had some tips for us.  Resulting in this video on how to become a 3D artist.

And personally I’m super interested in 3D and looking to learn it on my own. Since we shot the short movie, I have a urge to improve my visual effects skills. And this goes from effects in After Effects, but also to 3D modeling. I find it fascinating how you can create whole new worlds or objects from scratch. Which you can then implement into your own footage. That’s why I really looked forward to this Creative Tuesday, as it’s a topic of great interest for me.

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