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5 Reasons you Need a C-Stand for Filmmaking (Kupo Grip)

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Cinematography & Filmmaking

C-stand, Learn how to, Tips and Tricks

Learn to use a C-stand with these 5 setups. Combine lights, flags and other equipment with the C-stand, the most versatile film making tool.

Kupo Grip send us some C-stands to try out and we loved it!

There are a few essential things every filmmaker have to get in their film making career. You have the obvious ones like a camera and a tripod. But a C-Stand can become your best friend while filming, if you use it to it’s full potential. A C-stand can be a versatile piece of equipment that can even replace crew members when your filming on a budget. In this tutorial we explain a few practical tips you can use on set to make shooting go easier.

C-stand is heavy duty equipment and can carry a lot of weight. But you have to pay attention where you centre of gravity lies, otherwise your c-stand will fall and cause some problems. Try to keep the big leg under the weight. This will  provide more support and keep the c-stand steady. You can also take a sandbag or a weight in a bag to lay over the big leg for assurance. You can never be to safe when dealing with expensive equipment.

Another safety tip is using tennis balls on the ends of the legs. The bright yellow color  will make the legs more visible to crew members and actors walking around the C-stands. Also when your filming on location and don’t want to damage the floor with you heavy C-stands, the tennis balls will give the needed protection.

A C-stand is a versatile tool you can use on a set. It is possible to mount nearly everything with the grip clamps. The C-stand makes it possible to be creative with less equipment. I can even replace light stands or serve as a frame for your green-screen. Experiment with all the possibilities of the C-stand and get the most of it!

Kupo C-Stand Equipment

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