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Fall through the ground (Kendrick Lamar – LOYALTY) Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Kendrick Lamar, Music video effect, premiere pro

Learn how to recreate the ‘fall through ground’ effect from music video LOYALTY by Kendrick Lamar in Premiere Pro. A fun music video effect!

When listening to the radio these days it’s impossible to go without Hip Hop or R&B. The music genre is immensely popular, maybe even more then back in the days with Dr Dre, Tupac and Biggie. If you say Hip Hop now, you can’t go without thinking of Kendrick Lamar. He is at the moment the king of Hip Hop. But he is not only dominating the radio with his songs, he is also very popular on Youtube. Every music video of his is piece of art, so we decided to create a effect from his new song ‘Loyalty’ ft Rihanna.

In the Music video the effect falling through the  concrete is completely made in 3D. However we aren’t 3D wizards, so we decided to recreate the same effect with practical effects. This means we used real gravel and stones around our model (Yannick) and we blended this afterwards with another shot of just the road. These practical effects are often used in big movies, but are mostly combined with CGI. These practical effects can give that extra realism to your shot. Like using real liquids, which are very hard to create in 3D, real explosions are also very popular. And some movies take practical effects so far it costs millions of dollars. For example the latest Fast and Furious movie, which used hundreds of cars to explode and fall of buildings. This made the scene extra epic and realistic.

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