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mind control objects in premiere pro (stranger things)

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Create mind blowing psychic effects in Premiere Pro with simple editing tricks. Move Objects with you mind like Eleven in Stranger Things.

You’re  probably like us, addicted to Stranger Things and already counting down the days till season 3. Don’t worry we aren’t going to spoil anything if you didn’t see it yet. But we maybe have something for you to soften the waiting. In this tutorial we explain how you can move objects with your mind in Premiere. We use simple editing tricks with some masking to achieve a realistic effect, just like Eleven. And I know I’m not the best Eleven, I’m more like a Dustin, but our model Ellen wasn’t available this time so we we had to make do.

This effect can be very useful if you want to make your own Stranger Things Short movie or even for another Sci-fi movie. But if you want to stay in the Stranger Things mood we can always recommend to watch our transition to the Upsidedown tutorial. Here we explain how you can create a in-camera transition to another parallel universe like the Upsidedown. And of course when you watched the series you know light is also a very important aspect. They use a very dark, cold atmosphere for the Upsidedown, a place of nightmares. If you also want to create more scary light setups, we recently did a video about horror lights. These tips can help you with creating your own scary parallel universe ready to devour Will.

But what I love the most from Stranger Things is the music! It creates the perfect 70’s mood with the right amount of mystery and tension. For the fans of the music, I found the Soundcloud of the composers, which is definitely worth checking! You can’t use this for your own projects but is still nice to listen to! And who knows, maybe you find something that sounds just like it…


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