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5 ways to INSTANTLY get more REALISTIC VFX in After Effects

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5 Fast & Easy Details to improve your Visual Effects. Learn how to add a light warp, heatwave, reflections and much more in this Adobe After Effects Tutorial.

Visual Effects: detail

In this video we teach you guys how to refine your vfx work. These details will add a nice little touch to blend everything better together and help sell your effect even more. These go from adding light reflections to heatwaves to fire.

fake vFX

Before you start adding details to your vfx shots you need to get the big pieces right. You have a lot of different reasons why a certain effect could look unrealistic. Every little piece needs to match exactly together and its easy to forget small details. We can however split these up in 3 big categories. that should help you out to be able to create more realistic looking vfxs.


It’s really important to make sure your light matches every single object in your shot. When compositing multiple shots keep in mind where the light comes from. Next to this also see if it’s hard or soft light, which color the light is and the intensity of it.

Santaclaus is too bright for the night background
Subject too bright for the darker background. Light position mismatched.


Every object in the world is influenced by different physics like gravity, friction, etc. If you composite for example a football and a bowling ball into a shot you need to respect the way they behave in real life(or in the fictional world you made for it). We know a bowling ball is heavy so if you kick it , it shouldn’t go flying around like the football would.

Guy flying away from punch
Unrealistic physics from a normal punch – Movie: Singham


Color is also really important! When you are unable to match 2 shots it will be visible instantly. Always try to match different assets in your composition. This you could be done via contrast, saturation, brightness and of course be fine tuned by all the other color correcting tools you have.

Foreground and background not color matched
Foreground and background not color matched

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