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Locked-on stabilization effects (beats by dre) After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Stabilization, Stabilize shots, Track motion, track movements, Tracking

Beats by Dre released a commercial video for the Powerbeats Pro in which we see an Advanced Stabilization effect done on the earphones. In this Adobe After Effects tutorial you will learn how to recreate this effect.

We are finally back to being fully rested and are ready to unleash our energy in the new Copy Cat friday. And believe me it’s going to be a energetic episode today. After all we are recreating the new commercial for the airbuds from beats by dre. In this commercial you see several professional athletes doing their thing while wearing the airbuds. Nothing special you might think. But they used some simple and clever tracking to create this effect where the airbud is always in the centre of the frame. This means that you have athletes doing heavy motions and moving really fast, but the images are stabilized around the airbud. This stabilization will give you a very nice effect.

Whilst we all know the tracking tool in After Effects from our previous videos such as the 3D Camera tracking and motion tracking tutorials. And thus also know what tracking can mean in compositing images together in post production. However today we are using the tracking function in After Effects completely different. This time we are using the tracking data to stabilize it around that spot. Meaning that the image will move around in the frame so that the tracked spot will always stay still. So as you can see, the tracking tool can be really handy in a lot of situations.

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