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Infinite Transition in After Effects (Chainsmokers)

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects, Chainsmokers, infinite loop, Music Video, transition

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Create an infinite loop transition like ‘Side Effects’ from The Chainsmokers in this Adobe After Effects tutorial . Learn how to capture and animate a realistic parallax effect by cloning yourself and the room you’re in.

In this week’s Creative Tuesday we recreated Hollywood effects with a green screen. Well after an another great Creative Tuesday, of course comes an awesome Copy Cat Friday. And in this week’s Copy Cat Friday tutorial, we are also going to take a famous Hollywood effect, but with a different twist to it. We are going to show you how you can create the famous through the wall transition.

With this technique you use a sliding camera movement to a wall or floor. You then go through this wall or floor, into the new shot. In this new shot you then continue your sliding movement. They often create this effect by really going through a hole in the wall and then going into the next room where everything is happening. But you can also do this with a door. Just slide your camera close to the door frame so that everything goes black and then you can make a cut and do the same in the beginning of the next shot. You then just start with black and slide into your next shot/room. Of course you can also create it completely in Post production with two shots sliding and a third shot on top functioning as the wall or floor.

Bad Boys 2 Through The Wall Tranisition

The effect that we are going to explain uses the same technique but had an infinite twist to it. This means we aren’t really going through a wall or floor; We are using the technique to seamlessly combine two sliding shots into one long infinite shot. We are also going to explain the effect in two different ways. One way where you don’t need any expensive gear and one where you need a dolly. So a way for everyone.


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