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Lighting and music effects for an intro animation

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Adobe After Effects Tutorials, Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Audio Tutorials

After Effects, Intro Video, Music Design

A good animation video is finished in its details. Therefore you’ll learn how to add 2D lighting effects and design a music piece for your animation.

Welcome to the last part of a tutorial series on how we’ve created our intro video animation. In this last part we’ll finalize our animation. This means 3 things for; adding motion blur, lighting effects and finally making a music design.
Adding motion blur to an animation is rather simple. After Effects has a great tool to just “enable” motion blur. So we can have a quick look at how to make lighting effects.

Lighting effects can be created in multiple way. Since we have a 2D animation, we shall blend our different layers to re-create lighting. We can blend multiple layers together to create interesting looks. But also combine other effects like a fast blur to make an object glow.

Lastly we’ll dive into the design of music. First we cover some recourses on where to get sound effects and music. There’re free music websites but also payed websites. When using music or sound effects for commercial work, it’s important that you buy the proper licence.

So after you’ve chosen your tune, we can start editing it inside Premiere Pro. In this video you will see how we’ve managed to bring a 2 minute music clip to 10 seconds.

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