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5 Transitions from TWICE in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

k-pop, Music Video, premiere pro, transition, transitions

Recreate 5 music video transition from TWICE in Adobe Premiere Pro. K-Pop bands like TWICE and BTS have very dynamic video editing and transitions. This Premiere Pro tutorial covers 5 of them.

Happy Copy Cat Friday to you all! I like Copy Cat Friday so much it feels like a holiday for me. And you sort of get presents, but then in the form of knowledge. Which is priceless if you think about it. But this aside, it’s time to explain what this weeks video is about. For this week we searched in the unknown word of K-pop. A very popular music genre that is slowly conquering the world, with boy-band BTS as the most famous ones. In our video we explain 5 transition techniques from the equally famous girl-band TWICE. We took multiple video clips from them and chose 5 of the best transitions to explain to you.

These days transitions come in all forms like practical ones where you swipe something like you hand in front of the camera. Or a camera movement that let’s you rotate in the next scene. We recently did two video’s about such a rotating transition, one from ASAP Rocky and one from Atlanta. But another way to do transitions is in Post Production, like the transitions we are doing today.

We have combined practical transitions with post production. This way you can create stunning transitions you normally couldn’t do in real life. But with the help of the practical side of the transitions, you don’t need to do complicated effects in Post Production. So it’s the best of both worlds combined to create super transitions.

One transition really blew my mind (see the GIF below). It’ was send to us by a follower, who asked how it was done. At first I couldn’t wrap my head around it, it was so smooth and perfect. But after some analyzing and discussing with Jordy, we think it’s done with a movable set. So that’s a perfect example for how far you can go with transitions. Possibilities are endless!

Amazing Transition


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