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Awesome Editing Magic inspired by Zach King (Premiere Pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Editing Magic, premiere pro, Zach King

Crack a chicken out of an egg, create editing magic like Zach King (Popular vines) with simple Premiere Pro tricks.

Everybody knows the famous platform Vine and it’s stars like Logan Paul, King Bach and of course the famous editing wizard Zachary King. The last one became famous for his incredible editing magic. In his 6 second videos he used simple but efficient editing tricks to achieve illusions that conquered the internet. In this tutorial we recreate one of his more famous video’s and explain how you can create this with simple editing tricks.

Using the right cuts on the right moment can create stunning editing effects. Not only for effects like the ones from Zach King, but it’s also used in series and films. Good editing can help you tell a story or trick your viewers in believing a false story. This is often used in reality series, where the creators cut and switch on the right moment. This can influence the story and give a wrong impression of the situation. The editors decide what the viewers will see and thus guide their opinions to.

With the effects Zach King used, it’s more or less the same. He uses cuts on the right time and place to switch between shots. This will give you the feeling it’s all one shot, also called the seamless cut. This technique is often used, like previously mentioned in the article from 5 Tips for a Dynamic Fast Cut Edit. But Zach doesn’t only use cuts,  he also uses rotoscope in After Effects. This is a tool to mask out objects from your video. These masked out objects he then uses to overlay on his other footage and create the famous effects.


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