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5 Tips for a Dynamic Fast Cut Edit

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Video Editing

Fast cut edit, Tips and Tricks, Video editing

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How to create a dynamic fast cut edit with these 5 tips. Up tempo video editing to give your audience an action filled feeling.

There are many different styles of editing. Every style brings their own atmosphere and feeling to the video. So it’s very important you choose the correct style before you begin your edit. In this tutorial video we explain 5 tips on how to create a fast cut edit. This edit is very popular for after movies as it creates a lot of dynamic and let’s the viewer experience the upbeat tempo and mood of the party.

The fast cut edit is very good for high tempo scenes, like in after movies or action films. Another commonly used montage technique when editing is the J or L cut. With the L cut you use the audio from clip A and let it continue when clip B comes in. The J cut is the opposite, the Audio from clip B will come in earlier while clip A is playing. This technique can be found throughout almost every video ever made.

If you want some more creative editing techniques, you should definitely try the Invisible Cut. Like the name already explains, it’s a cut invisible to the human eye. It doesn’t mean it’s not there, is just hidden for the viewer. An explain for this cut is when you move your camera close to the subject, this will make the screen dark. In this dark part you will cut to the next shot, but this shot of course has to start from dark and move away from the subject. Otherwise your cut will visible. If you use this technique for every cut in your movie, it will look like it’s all shot in one single take. You will create a seamless masterpiece, like Hitchhcock’s Rope from 1948 or the more recent Birdman.


A non editing tip we always use before the post production, is think about your edit before you start with it. Determine the style, so you can adjust your shots to your editing. This will make it a lot easier in post production and will also benefit your end results.

Last of all, experiment with different kinds of cutting and editing. It’s perfectly fine to combine multiple cuts in the same video. But do this with a reason, don’t just throw in cuts because you like them. Think about what feeling they create and how they improve the shot.

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips for a Dynamic Fast Cut Edit”

  1. The j cut and L cut said by you are very powerful tools to implement video editing. I think Final cut pro is also very good video editing software. Thanks for sharing the post.

  2. I would give a try to L-Cut since it seems like a great idea to me. Thanks for sharing. I usually have to create youtube videos for blogs. I would consider adding this fast cut just to enhance appearance of my video.

  3. I like the sound of the L cut that keeps the audio going as you switch to a different clip. This sounds like it could be good for any sort of video even something quick for a business. I could see it happening in TV commercials or YouTube videos. You’d just want to find someone who is good at post-production editing to make sure that it was done well.


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