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7 Habits you must develop as a Video Editor

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Video Editing

Professional, Tips and Tricks, Video editing

You must develop these 7 habits to become a professional video editor. Learn how to edit faster and more efficient with these 7 tips & tricks tutorial.

Professional Video Editing

If you ever want to become a professional video editor, it’s important to only be good at your craft but also to develop some important habits. Such habits will help increase productivity, organization, team work and delivery of better quality.

As beginners we don’t really care about organizing our projects. We just want to get to know how Adobe Premiere Pro works.

Edit Faster

When editing large projects, it’s super important to streamline your workflow and learn how to edit faster.

Losing time by clicking too many buttons can add up. Time should be spend towards the creative process. Try to make the technical side easier by organizing and setting customs short keys.

Video Editing Problems

Avoiding Problems

We’ve all been there; client’s feedback that don’t make sense or an audience not enjoying your short film. Such problems can be avoided with a couple of simple tricks.

Clients will give feedback on what they see. If you sent them a half edited preview, you’ll get stupid feedback in return. Like; ‘the colors look bad’. While you haven’t done the color correction yet.

The same goes with creative work. If you’re the only person to have ever seen your short film before it goes to the public, then you’re process is wrong. Make sure that a closed group of people have seen your short film before putting it out. Feedback is so important.

As an editor, you often times don’t notice certain mistakes anymore. The story is in your head, so most things already make sense. But for people who watch your film for the first time, it might not make sense.


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