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Camera Shake from Kendrick Lamar Humble in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Camera Shake, Humble, Kendrick Lamar

Recreate the camera shake effect from the music video Humble with Kendrick Lamar in Premiere Pro. Learn how to edit a multi camera setup.

 After a long time, Kendrick Lamar returns with a hit that trended #1 on Youtube. His music video is great inspiration for us film makers as it holds many great effects. The visuals in the video clip aren’t always complex post production crafts, but mostly clever camera work. This is what makes this music video so great.

One of the effects is a camera shake, that was created with a setup of 4 cameras. The production used four Sony A7s cameras, with all a Canon 24mm lens. This is very important as it will give much better results. Any color, focal length or framing difference is noticeable.

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The main idea of this tutorial is actually how to edit a multi camera sequence. So the same principles can be used when you’re recording a live show with multiple cameras. The multi-camera workflow in Premiere Pro is really awesome. Once everything is setup, you can just lean back and press several buttons to edit the show.

If you haven’t seen Kendrick Lamar Humble yet, definitely check it out below. Whether or not you like the music, we can’t argue on the great visuals 🙂

Premium Beat

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Get the song from the video via this link: JAM Studio – Fly Away

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