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Create a glitch (distortion) effect in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Distortion, Glitch Effect, premiere pro

Offset the RGB channels in Adobe Premiere Pro and create an epic glitch effect. Download the preset from the tutorial to drag and drop the effect.

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. This week we’re taking a look inside Premiere Pro again and create a glitch or distortion effect . The glitch effect is something very popular that is usually created inside After Effect. Some third party plugins even allow many customization. But the glitch effect is actually no that hard to create, that’s why we’re letting Premiere Pro shine again.

Digital video is made out of 3 color channels; namely red, green and blue (RGB). To make the glitch effect work, we have to take these channels apart which we will learn from the tutorial.

Glitch effects can be used for various projects. Sometimes I would even apply them in after movies and edit the effect on a beat from the music. Other great uses are to use such a glitch as a transition. Just like using light leaks, it’s a different way of switching scenes. But be careful using such fancy effects. Even if they look ‘awesome’, doesn’t always mean we should use them everywhere.

Effects like this glitch is a pretty extreme thing and characterizes your edit. If it doesn’t fit the style and the content of you video, then don’t use it. But never be afraid of experimenting 🙂

5 More Glitch & Distortion Presets

Due to the popularity of this tutorial video, we’ve decided to create 5 simple to use presets for Premiere Pro CS6 and CC. They’re completely free and you can check them out here: ERROR: Glitch & Distortion Presets for Premiere Pro

51 thoughts on “Create a glitch (distortion) effect in Premiere Pro”

  1. Hey I could only find the BLUE glitch, GREEN glitch and RED glitch presets in the package but there was no FINAL glitch anyone else with the same issue???

  2. Bro, you are great I learned a lot from a week back I started learning Premiere Pro and today I know good level photoshop…
    All Thanks To You and Orange83.

  3. I work on Adobe Premiere pro CC 2018 now, when I tried the present, it didn’t have the keyframes on it. I followed the tutorial, but the keyframes didn’t appear on the task bar and therefore, no glitch effect. What’s the problem!?

  4. The 5 more effects isn’t working.

    “Due to the popularity of this tutorial video, we’ve decided to create 5 simple to use presets for Premiere Pro CS6 and CC. They’re completely free and you can check them out below:
    [product id=”33967″]”

  5. Great little tutorial but what if you just wanted to say glitch the car. Would you need to rotoscope around the car for every frame you want the glitch active?
    Could be a decent follow up video. Advanced glitching. 😉

  6. I subscribed today. I am still waiting for the free glitch download presets. Is there something else I need to do to receive these downloads? Please advise. Thank you.

  7. Yes, I am afraid that I too have the same problem. After subscribing and waiting awhile, I have not received the free download glitch presets. Please advise. Thank you.

  8. Great effect as always I had to subscribe and confirm my email address I did get the download. It’s a little different but it did work. Thanks and stay creative.

  9. First I’m not on the list – now I AM on the list and it wont let me download because I already subscribed !!!! Aaaaaasrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Hi John, if you subscribed from the form above you should receive an email. It could take a minute or 2 before you do so. I understand your frustration and I excuse myself. We switched to a new mailing software today and this was the first mass trial. It seems like more people are having trouble, so I make it priority to fix.

    • Hi Cameron, we moved to a new mailing software today and this is the first test. It could take several minutes before you get the download email. I don’t see you in the list, could you try filling in the form above again? If you’re already subscribed, you should find a download link in the ‘new post’ email.


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