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Crush Anything with your mind in Premiere Pro (Stranger Things)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

crush object in premiere pro, Stopmotion, stranger things

Recreate the Stranger Things effect in Adobe Premiere Pro. Crush a soda can with this super simple editing technique called Stopmotion.

Due to the success from the previous Stranger Things tutorial and because we just love it so much, we decided to do another one. In this tutorial we also decided to do something round Eleven’s telekinesis superpower. But nothing will be floating this time! The effect that we recreated is one from the first season. Eleven is still captured by Papa in the research center and they are testing her powers. They ask her to crush a Coke can with her mind. We found this effect very cool and decided to do a tutorial about it.

So in this tutorial we will show you how you can crush objects with your mind. We also used a Coke can because it’s the easiest material for the technique we will be using and the technique is Stop-motion. A very commonly used technique were you create a movie with pictures of objects. The objects that are photographed are animated by hand. So to give an example, you place a toy car in your frame and take a picture. For the next picture you move the toy car just a small amount and again take the picture. This you repeat for as much as you want, then put the pictures behind each other in Premiere Pro and you have yourself a Stop-motion film.

Just keep in mind you still have to apply the same rules about framerate as with regular film. This means if you want a fluent film, you need to make 25 pictures for one second of footage. This will give you the best results and will let you create stunning masterpieces, like one of my favorite movies of all time Fantastic mr Fox. This is a Stop-motion film created by Wes Anderson and based on a book from Roald Dahl. I highly recommend it, as the cinematography is spot on and it’s a perfect example for a Stop-motion.


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