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Fake Unpredictable Dude Perfect Trick Shot (Adobe premiere Pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

dude perfect, premier pro, Premiere pro tutorial, Trick Shots

Learn how to create a fake upside down trick shot in Adobe Premiere Pro. Use simple editing and masking tricks to create a Dude perfect trick and animate it for your next big trick.

Dude Perfect

If you follow us for a while you know we love Dude Perfect. Every video they upload they deliver new and amazing trick shots. And this goes also for their newest video. Here you can see Tyler standing on the ceiling hitting an amazing trick shot. But how did he do it?

Dude perfect unpredictable trick shot

Set Design

Believe it or not but to recreate this the way they did is actually fairly easy! They used the oldest trick in the book which is rotating the set. Everything you see is on its head, they attached the sofa, carpet, lamp and the cabinet to the roof. The fan is on the ground and the 3 balloons just have air in them so it give the illusion of them floating.

But how did they do the basketball? Well they filled the basketball(balloon) with helium so it would float. Here you can see it easier when the screen is rotated that the set is actually upside down.

Dude perfect unpredictable trick shot upsidedown


If you saw this movie you probably remember the scene wit the rotating hallway. This is actually done with the same principle but they took it a little bit further. Instead of having the set upside down they made a constructing which could rotate the entire set.

Rotating Set of Inception

These type of set you get to see more and more. If the budget is available why not build an actual set! It gets even used in Music Videos like the one of Ariana Grande no tears left to cry.


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