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Ghost Glitch effect from Ant Man and the Wasp in Premiere Pro

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Ant man and the Wasp, Chromatic aberration, Ghost effect, Glitch Effect, Marvel, premiere pro, Super Hero

Recreate the Ghost glitch effect from the new Marvel movie, Ant man and the Wasp. Use a simple Adobe Premiere Pro effect and editing tricks to create a RGB split and digital glitch effect.

We love it we you guys are enthusiastic and really love it when you guys give us great ideas. And this week you really did a great job at both. A lot of you suggested to do an effect from the new ant man movie, Ant man and the wasp. In this movie the introduce a new super villain, named ghost. It’s one of the few female villains in the Marvel Universe and personally I find her a very cool villain. Not only has she an awesome suit, her powers are also impressive, she can go through objects and become invisible. And the first power is the effect that we are going to recreate. While she moves through object she glitches and creates an echo of herself. In this weeks tutorial we are going to recreate that glitch and echo effect in Premiere Pro

Ghost Super Powers

Last week we did an freeze frame echo effect that was somewhat the same as this effect. It hold the same principles, but we recreated it a different way. This is mainly because we have to film multiple shots instead of duplicating one shot a couple of times. The reason why we have to film it multiple times, is because the ghost echos have more motion blur then the head clip. So we have to film the ghost echos with a higher shutter speed. Another thing that is different is the fact that we found a super easy one click glitch effect in Premiere Pro. Normally you have to use three layers, then use the Color Balance effect and blend everything with screen and offset it all. But you can do it with the VR Chromatic Aberrations effect. Just drag the effect to a clip and play with the setting. That’s all there is to it! Super easy!


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