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billie eilish – Bad Guy ‘head in waterbag effect (premiere pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Billie Eilish, editing tricks, greenscreen, Masking, premiere pro

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Place your head in a floating waterbag like the music video ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish. Learn how to track masks and rotoscope using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects in this tutorial video.

Hello everybody, guess what time it is! No you didn’t guessed correctly with Copy Cat friday, we do have one this week. But I was referring to the end of the short movie. We are done shooting and boy we are exhausted. The last 9 days were non stop working. However they were super super fun and an once in a life time experience. Working with Eric the director was a delight and we already miss him.

During the short movie everyone had their own function, like Lorenzo was the cameraman throughout the entire short movie, Eric did the directing and Jordy was head of production and helped where ever he could. And I was in charge of the lighting. At first I was quite stressed, because doing the lighting of a movie is different then that of a tutorial video. Okay I already have a good knowledge of the basics, but still. Lucky I can now say that I’m very proud of the lighting setups I did and the look and feel that I created. Also during this short movie I learned so much and made me see that lighting is super important for telling a story.

But we have to go on because Copy Cat can’t wait for anybody. This week we are again tackling an effect from the risen star Billie Eilish. In her latest music video ‘Bad Guy’, there is and effect were she is standing in a room with next to here two heads in a plastic bag filled with water. We admit it isn’t the hardest effect to recreate, but we needed some breathing room after the short movie. And of course we really like Billie Eilish and her music.

Billie Eilish - Bad Guy
Billie Eilish in ‘Bad Guy’

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